How to Break a 4 Game Losing Streak, a play



(Jones runs to wall, jumps on wall makes catch, exit stage outfield)



(Jones hits pitch, rounds bases, exits to dugout, stage left)




The Frustration of Streakiness

As I am currently typing this, the Orioles are trailing the Mariners 4-2 in the 8th inning, and on verge of losing their 4th straight, fresh off going on a 5-game winning streak right before that. And I find that to be frustrating. All I would like is some more consistency from the team.

Streakiness is frustrating because you of that lack of consistency. How is that you can win 5 in a row, but right after that can’t win a single one in a 4 game stretch right after that? How can you be doing something so well, and then all sudden, bam, you can’t do anything right? Seriously, enlighten me.

I would much rather take having an 8 game stretch going 4-4 without any long streaks, as opposed to winning 4 in a row, building all that nice momentum and having it all collapse, which takes the wind of you and the teams sails, in my opinion.

So, in conclusion, streaks are frustration because of how much they mess with a teams momentum.

Does anyone else love west coast baseball?

There’s a lot that I enjoy about watching West Coast baseball and in fact, I will make a bulleted list about it.

  • The rest of your night is freed up: With the extra free time, you can do things that you wouldn’t normally do, due to  being more concerned about the game going on. For example, right now I am on my PS3 playing MLB The Show when I would normally be watching the game, it gives you a lot more flexibility about what you want to do with your night without thinking about what the score of the game is.
  • You get to see players live that you normally wouldn’t: Why would I stay up until 1 am to see the Mariners or A’s play when the game has no direct implication to me? But once the O’s are playing, I am much more interested. I love seeing guys that I haven’t seen all year that have been talked about, like Michael Pineda, I’ve been hearing about him a lot as a ROY candidate,  seen his nice stats but have yet to see him live for an entire outing. This west coast trip finally gives me the change to do this and I’m pretty excited to do so. (writers note: I saw maybe half an inning of his first start vs. the Orioles this season)
  • I just like staying up late: This is a thing that would make west coast baseball more appealing to same and less to others. I am a person who just likes staying up late, and if there’s baseball on, it’s much better to me. It’s boring to just be watching SportsCenter re-runs past 11 until whenever I decide to finally sleep, and having the O’s on is a much better thing for me.

Westcoast baseball

Same Sh*t Diff—- Wait they won!

This afternoon, the Orioles were in a position to win it in the 10th, with bases loaded, nobody out.  And they didn’t. Luke Scott hit a chopper to Eric Hosmer who made the force at home. 1 out.  Now comes Matt Wieters, who has been improving a lot this season, and has been crushing the ball with RISP. Surely he will come through and win it. Nope, he hits a weak grounder, and the double play is turned.

At this point, I am thinking to myself  “Seriously, you managed to blow bases loaded, no outs without a run?” And gave up on the game figuring for sure that this game was done and the Royals would eventually win, since how can you win blowing the best chance you can possibly have?

But here’s the thing, they proved me wrong. Robert Andino, of all people, smacks a double, and after a pop fly and IBB this happens: – Vlad hits a seeing eye single up the middle, and Andino scores! Ballgame.

And this has been one of the several instances when the Orioles have been surprising to me, and pulling out games they wouldn’t last year. The game two nights ago vs. the Royals was one, the offense was terrible for the most part, while somehow scoring 2 runs during that. To go along with that, Joakim Soria, a normally very strong, non-disastrous closer coming in. You’d figure that they would go down quietly. But, as the theme of this post, they didn’t. JJ Hardy and Felix Pie start the inning off with a pair of doubles, which tied the game.  Robert Andino strikes out weakly, and now there are 2 outs. Adam Jones comes up, and I am hoping for the best, but fully expecting him to strike out weakly, chasing a slider, which he has a habit to do, sadly. But no, he cracks a long fly ball to deep center. At first it looks like Melky Cabrera will catch it easily, then his body language starts to change, and then next thing you know, GONE!

What this shows is that there is something about this team, might be Showalter, might be the new signings, might be the emergence the magical and mythical Orioles Magic. But the thing is, this team has actually been starting to pull out games that they wouldn’t have won last year, or the year before, the year before that one, etc, etc. And if they can keep this up, this might be a season worth actually being remembered for something positive.

Isn't this just a great picture?

Hello World

I am Jordan Katz, a 14 year old from Columbia, MD, right 30 minutes outside of Baltimore. I am a proud member of various websites for my interests, including sports gaming, the Orioles and strat-o-matic baseball.

This blog, if you can’t tell already, is about the Orioles, and me giving my opinions on the team which I spend so much time watching, discussing, and just thinking about.

I’m very bipolar, if that’s the word to use, about my Orioles opinions. If they are winning, I am pessimistic, and if they are losing, I am optimistic.   Crazy it seems, but I always have this feeling that whenever they are winning, something is bound to go wrong. I suppose you get this feeling when you were in diapers the last time a winning season happened.

But the thing is, these things do happen. Orioles blew a 6-0 lead in Fenway a matter of days ago. Saves have been blown too often, runners left in RISP in clutch situations, for me to be optimistic. The Orioles play in the shadow of the damn Yankees and fucking Red Sox (this is another thing to look for, this team can make swear a lot) and have fucked up against them both so many times I can’t count. It bothers me even more because all the people in school are dumb YankSox fans, who can’t name anyone other than Derek Jeter or David Ortiz. I wish the Orioles would be good and kick their asses, so I can talk endless amounts of shit to all of the kids who give me shit for being an Orioles, telling me they sucked, so when we are in the playoffs, and their team isn’t when they bomb their free agent moves, and it’s the Orioles and Rays (or Jays, for discussion’s sake) I will be so endlessly happy.

When the team is doing good, I am happy. When Adam Jones hit his walk-off homer, I had a big ear-to-ear grin. Of course be the same token when the team is doing bad, I’m more easily pissed off than I normally would be. Do I take the team too seriously? I likely do, but I’m fine that way, I don’t know why, but I have never said to myself  “I need to take the Orioles less seriously.”

So, hope you didn’t TL;DR this, because if you did, you won’t understand the purpose of this blog at all.

Hello world!

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